Camino de Santiago

Cultural interest? Spiritual motives? Adventure? A personal challenge? A different, original way to travel? These are just a few of the reasons why millions of pilgrims have been doing the Camino de Santiago route for years and years. It is a route through Spain that many people find hard to describe and that almost all are keen to repeat.. One thing is for sure. The Camino de Santiago is an exciting and unforgettable adventure. It is a different way to discover Northern Spain, by following one of several itineraries whose common goal is the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, where you will find the tomb of the apostle Santiago (St. James).

Nature and landscape

Doing the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route provides an opportunity to discover landscapes full of contrast, with plateaus and mountains, meadows and coastline. Areas of stunning natural beauty, where pilgrims feel at one with the countryside as they continue their journey towards the Galician capital.

Get to unveil Spanish culture

You will find a surprise in the form of art, culture and monuments around almost every corner on the Camino de Santiago. On the way you will come across cathedrals, bridges, Roman roads, monasteries, palaces, stately homes, traditional architecture… and thousands of buildings, priceless each and every one.

For many people, the Camino de Santiago has a mystical element. Its religious origin are a tribute to the apostle Santiago (St. James). In any case, many pilgrims set out on the Camino inspired by a different kind of spirituality, which manifests itself in the need to find out more about oneself.

Pilgrims are never strangers on the route. You will meet friendly, hospitable folks. On this very special trip through Spain, you will also share extraordinary experiences with pilgrims of all ages, from all over the world, whether in the hotels and posadas, on the trails or out on the road. You will have the chance to make new friends and become a better person. Whatever your motives, it is clear that Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route will be a highly rewarding experience. 

Camino de Santiago can be totally tailored to your interests: •Choice of pathway (French, Portuguese,…) •Length of the Route* •Means (walking, bike, running, horse ridden…) •Level of accommodation**

You just need to care about the route, and we take care of accommodation and luggage transportation.

*Minimum distance of 100Km to obtain the Pilgrim Credentials

**Hostels, Medium, and High level, considering the routes go through small towns (no 5* properties).