Cordoba Rooftop tour

Cordoba is situated in the interior of Andalusia where past and modernity blend in together. This thousand-year-old city, which has the World Heritage designation, is a living legacy of the different cultures that settled here throughout its history.

If you walk round the old quarter you will discover a beautiful network of alleyways, squares and white-washed courtyards surrounding the Great Mosque-Cathedral, which reflects the importance of the city in the Middle Ages and is the symbol of the city.

But cities have another story to tell from the heights…

Córdoba, an ancient city and where it hosted the Three Cultures, reveals a unique architecture from the rooftops and terraces. Places and images that from the ground it is impossible to observe. A tour of some of the private terraces and roofs of the city, where at the end we can taste a glass of Montilla-Moriles wine. We will discover the “two cities” from above and below. Checking that Cordoba’s skyline hides something that towers and bell towers

Small group (up to 8 people) or private tour – 2h30/3h