Mallorca: Hiking at Serra de Tramuntana

We propose a long morning of hiking along Tramuntana Mountain Range in Mallorca. This mountain range goes along all the northern coast, protecting it from the cold northern winds and behaving as the water supply for the whole island. This is an area of very unique beauty, overlooking the cliffs of the coastline and visiting three little towns of special beauty and uniqueness.

Fornalutx (probably one of Spain’s most beautiful towns), Valldemossa (containing a very special Carthusian Monastery, which was home to Chopin pianist) and Port de Sóller, a very special round bay known by the “orange express” train, which covers a distance of approximately 27 kilometres. This journey is an easy combination of hiking, nature and lovely towns.

It involves 2-3h of easy walking (could be extended, though), time devoted to visit the towns, and a savory lunch (fish based) at Port de Sóller. The itinerary can be adjusted to your shape and interests, and part of it could even be on a bike tour.

Private tour, 6/8h. Transfers included