Pazo de Rubianes

Walk through this extensive vineyard, the botanical marvels of the gardens, and get amazed with the master architecture built 600 years ago. By the hand of the staff of the Pazo de Rubianes park, you will live an experience that will not leave you indifferent to its beauty.

In a magnificent environment surrounded by history, Galician architecture, botanical monuments, thousands of camellias, vineyards and by the hand of our excellent staff, you will end up the tour of the Pazo de Rubianes park with the tasting of a wine inside the cellar.

The tour includes a welcoming and stroll around the garden, a saunter through the vineyards and the albariƱo world, a visit to the historical palace, to the chapel and the rest of the buildings and, finally, a tasting of the wine in the cellar.

Private visit – 3h