When you visit this city, you are in the very heart of Andalusian culture, the center of bullfighting and Flamenco music. Take yourself time and take life easy, as Andalusians use to do, and interrupt sightseeing from time to timeto have a few tapas.


Córdoba remains a typically Moorish city with narrow, winding streets, especially in the older quarter of the centre and, farther west, the Judería (Jewish quarter).


The long-time capital of Moorish Andalusia has to offer the most important reminds of this epoch in Spanish history, with the world-famous "Alhambra" at the top of the list.


Founded 3000 years ago by the Phoenicians, Cádiz is the oldest city in Western Europe. The different peoples who settled here left an important cultural imprint, whose influence still remains in the character of the city's people


Of course, the great beaches of the nearby Costa del Sol not only make Malaga one of the most visited regions of Spain. It also preserves intact its typical mediterranean white villages and its natives 'malagueños' are very friendly who enjoys the company of all kinds of visitors.


Huelva is one of the eight provincial capitals of Andalusia more close to Portugal, in the so called "Tierra llana," the flat lands where the rivers Tinto and Odiel meet.
We must not forget that Christopher Columbus lived here for a while before setting sail for the America's.