Spain is synonymous of ‘Fiesta’ and Fair! Each town, however small, has its own unique celebrations, no matter the time of the year, from very traditional ones to new modern festivals bringing in people from all over the world.
Are you ready to celebrate your holidays in the Spanish style?

1. Easter Holy Week (Semana Santa) an entire week filled with faithful processions and christian religious celebrations.
2. Carnival. Colorful and rhythmic celebrations, everywhere but especially in Tenerife and Cadiz.
3. Fallas of Valencia. Around mid-March, an explosive party takes place in Valencia City!
4. Patios of Cordoba Festival. May is the month of Cordoba and the Cordoba Patios Festival.
5. Fair of Seville in April. For a whole week, the city is filled with entertainment, colored dresses, horse carriages and the best of Andalusian art such as flamenco.
6. Sant Jordi (Saint George): Every 23rd of April is the Barcelona celebrates its love day, when everyone gives a rose and a book to the loved one.
7. Castellers. Making castells dates back over 200 years ago. Originally from the Tarragona area.
8. Sanfermines. Pamplona city. World Renowned as The Running of the Bulls, the San Fermin Festival start by 7 of June.