A day for lifetime memory

We all have a bucket list, filled with those things that we wanted to do for years. Let today be your big day. Be seduced by the magic of flamenco or fado, take part in amazing popular ‘fiestas’, live traditional ‘correfocs’, be amazed and participate with the Catalan human towers. Admire bullfighting at the best arenas. Cook hand in hand with a famous chef. Set sail to the high seas on a fishing boat accompanying professional fishermen during a day of work.

Attend top sporting events: Formula 1 and unique football experiences, always from the ringside, such as El Clásico, the name for any game in which FC Barcelona play their rival: Real Madrid. We can plan for assisting to the match with a former 1st team player. Possibly the most intense game of football you’ll ever watch. 

Everything is easy. Anything is possible.

If you feel like dreaming, it is your time.