Wine tour in Setubal

In this full day tour you will visit Setubal, a town which was already inhabited in ancient times by the Phoenicians and by the Romans, who settled on the south bank of the River Sado (in Troia, opposite the present town), who called it Cetobriga, from which the name Setubal is derived. It was the Romans who started one of the region’s most traditional activities – gathering salt and preserving food in salting tanks whose remains still exist on the Troia Peninsula.

The development of Setubal has always been linked to the seafaring activities facilitated by its location at the mouth of the River Sado, and it was already one of the country’s main ports in the 14th century. Its agricultural produce is also important, some of which is mentioned in documents dating back to the 14th century, in particular grapes, wine, oranges and fish. The wines produced in the surrounding area are still famous today, especially table wines and the moscatel called Setubal.

José Maria da Fonseca winery was founded in 1834 and the values has passed down from generation to generation, keeping alive while allowing the company to project itself into the 21st century. You can enjoy an unparalleled wine and gastronomic tasting experience and find out about the history, flavors and essence of the wine produced here. José Maria da Fonseca was awarded for best winemaker and best red wine of the year at the W Awards. At the end of the tour, visitors will have the chance to get to know better some of the wines that make José Maria da Fonseca the prestigious institution it is today, through a very special tasting.

Quinta da Bacalhoa, one of the most innovative wine-making companies in Portugal, has developed a range of wines throughout the years that has ensured us a solid reputation and the preference of national and international wine lovers. With a total capacity of 20 million liters, 15.000 oak barrels and an area of vines in production of about 1.200 hectares, Bacalhoa winery continues its commitment to innovation in the sector, with a view to the creation of wines that provide unique and surprising experiences with high quality and consistency. You will make a tasting of some of their wines.